Sep 19 2010


“Lost Year” - Mute Math

Hold on to the way we started
How it all should have gone
Somewhere love was disregarded
And it all came undone

Cuz nothings a breeze
We suffer we bleed
For two hearts to beat as one
We learn as we go
At least now we know
Something we can’t become

If a talk could really solve this
What are we fighting for?
Words hurt more then they arm us
Don’t say anymore

Sep 5 2010



Song: Clipping

Album: Armistice (2009)

Straight from New Orleans, Mutemath has been refining their alt-rock sound since 2003. I became aware of them with the release of their eponymous first album in 2006. My friend Michel had put the record on during a little get-together and I remember halting my conversation to turn to him and ask who that was. I was instantly hooked by the very slick sound and the meticulous song structure. And the complex beat patterns that these guys are using sealed the deal and made the drummer in me very happy! Three years later, they returned with Armistice and this song in particular which has been in heavy rotation ever since in many of my playlits. Love it!

Have a great week-end everyone!

                                                                    Friday, September 3rd 2010, 10:45pm

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